Monday, 16 November 2009

a Miranda sort of day

I kept bumping into Miranda today. I just thought I'd mention it.

First it was on Anji's blog, where she posted about Hilaire Belloc's Tarantella, you know, the one that goes "Do you remember an inn, Miranda?" (By the way, you can hear Mr Belloc reciting it here, if you can bear to watch that extremely creepy animation of his face....)

And then someone on a forum I use linked to Miranda on BBC iPlayer. This is a comedy starring Miranda Hart, who is quite large and, in this show at least, keeps getting mistaken for a transvestite, with hilarious results.

And then Kaptain Kobold, over on Flickr, was getting ready for a trip to Miranda, which is a suburb of Sydney, Australia, which is where KK lives. Australia, that is.

Sometimes things happen in threes. I wonder what it all means?


  1. Hi Dru,

    Miranda's a southern suburb of Sydney; it has a big mall.

    I live about 40 miles south of it, in the city of Wollongong :)

  2. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Hilaire Belloc's reading. I didn't like it at all - too sing-songy. However there was another 'video' which was more to my taste, though they didn't give the reader credit.

    I wonder what it all means too. This often happens in the world of blogging. Great minds think alike.

  3. It's funny how the poet's 'voice' that one hears when reading a poem can be so different to the actual voice of the poet in question... those animated faces are just plain creepy, areen't they? -I saw one with Wilfred Owen, and the voice (not WO's own) was entirely wrong for the poem as well. Epic fail!