Saturday 25 February 2023

a Map of the Canal and Waterway Network of England and Wales

I drew this map two years ago, and was pretty happy with it, but following feedback, and particularly after my voyage down from the Montgomery Canal to the Kennet and Avon last year, I thought it would be improved if it were to identify the narrow canals.

These are the canals built for the use of narrowboats only; so there are several types of boat which simply will not fit into the locks on them, most generally widebeams.

As you see from the map, the north and the south of the network are cut off from each other for this class of boat. Though not for narrowboats! I really enjoyed our trip along the narrow canals last summer; the locks are so much easier.

...oh, I also changed that Leicester Longwool sheep. I wasn't happy with the first one.

Sorry, these images are fairly low-res. You can get hi res versions both on quality paper or as a download, on my Etsy shop, which you'll see linked over there on the right hand toolbar. Probably. Or here