Saturday, 16 January 2010

look out there's a monster coming

It's Katie's birthday, and she's officially a teenager! Thirteen years old today.

We're still talking, though. So far, so good.


  1. That dinosaur looks alive and hungry. Hope nothing untoward happened!

    Ah, teenage girls. I hope Katie turns out to be a Model Child like my A--- did. It does happen.


  2. Pass on a Happy Birthday from me, pet....

    ps, she has your great cheekbones... Tell her to give them back.

  3. Happy Birthday Katie!

    If I can be of any help you know my email address. It's not really that bad and you'll have a wonderful friend at the end of it.

    I love the parent deterrent.

  4. I love the parent deterrent too, may contain nuts.

    I have a sweet 13 year old who comes to help in the veg. garden, we joked about imminent change to a monster but nearly a year latter she is as sweet as ever. You could be lucky. At least you have not long been through the change yourself so may sympathise more than most mothers.

    Caroline xxx

  5. Happy Thirteenth Birthday Katie! May it be sweet!

    I had a real store-bought skunk-skin hat which I wore out being a little stinker before teenhood made it official.

  6. This was a Christmas present from my niece's ex, showing their kids--my family. Their dad knows how to produce a video. I love it!

  7. Yay...a belated Happy Birthday to her! :-) ANOTHER Capricorn then!!

  8. Thank you, everyone! Wishes duly passed on...

    It's quite a dinosaur, isn't it Lucy? -it's at the Oxford Museum of Natural History, which has the Pitt-Rivers at the back (or the Shrunken Heads Museum, as we call it).

    We do joke about her turning into a moody teenager, of course, but we're still talking, and I'm trying to remember how difficult it is being teenaged, so I can be more understanding...

    Made out of real skunk, Larry? -gosh! -that's a nice movie you linked. Thank you.