Saturday, 14 September 2019

watching the moon set

Here's a new map I just did, focusing on Newbury. It was interesting exploring the canal along there on my bike; from a boat you sometimes miss lots of details because you're too busy operating the locks and trying not to prang. 

I've just been out watching the moon set. Mist was rising from the water, and owls calling along the valley. It's decidedly autumn now. I was a bit absorbed in doing a commission and other stuff, but now it's time to get some new things done. Funny; finishing a picture takes away that nagging 'you should be getting on with your painting because that's what you're supposed to BE, isn't it?' feeling. For a short while at least.


  1. Such amazing detail in your map paintings. It's great fun to enlarge them and explore a world we'll probably never visit. Well Done! Nice to see you back blogging. We've missed you very much.

  2. Lovely work.
    The Moon has been beautiful these past nights