Wednesday, 18 September 2019

plenty of bikes

Just a robin singing, and the distant thud of artillery way off on Salisbury Plain. 

And me trying to photograph Lepus, with Orion high over the hill and Sirius risen an hour ago. The camera wasn't cooperating though, the bugger.

There's chilly summer dawns where you feel grateful for the cool after the heat of the day. And there's this morning, where I'm tucked up in my duffel coat and the misty cold is so sharp it hurts your fingers after a while. Winter's on its way and the first frosts can't be far off.

I'm in striking distance of the Caen Hill locks now, but taking a few days here to sort out a few things, like the bikes that need new homes. The top of the boat is raaaather cluttered tbh, and made teetering across it a bit lively as I came up through the locks yesterday. 

Several passers-by commented 'amusingly' about the number of bikes I've got; a passing cyclist said to his partner (I was out of sight down below at the time) "Look at that! Bet they're stolen...".

Presently a walker paused and said "You've got a lot of bikes!" "Yes, I steal them from one town and sell them in the next".

Uncomfortable silence follows.

Bloody pikeys eh


  1. As in so many situations, some folks would rather make a nasty assumption. If they had asked you, they might have learned something or been able to help in some way.

    Attitudes do say a lot about people. Untrustworthy ones will assume others are up to no good.

  2. Oh, and I love that scene ... So peaceful.

  3. funnily, I posted up the encounter on the K&A Facebook page and someone commented "so how many of the bikes are stolen?" -which seems rather rude tbh. Unless they were being facetious, of course. Hey ho.