Wednesday, 25 September 2019

lots of horses in Devizes

Being as how it was pelting it down yesterday, I took the brolly and went into Devizles to hunt down horses in the Museum. I found that they're making a Big Thing of Eric Ravilious, now that they've got his rough draft of a Puffin book he was working on before his sudden death in an aircraft in Iceland. There's a book out, an imagining of how it would have been, with some of his pictures in it. It's a well done book, but at £15 I shall have to think about it.

They're planning a Rav exhibition too, and fundraising for the £5000 that they apparently need...
I mentioned that I was working on my own white horses map, and the nice woman at the desk waved over at the tea towel one that they already have, and one of which I already have. I showed her my canal maps. "Oh, they're for CHILDREN!" she said, unenthusiastically. 

Hey ho.

I found the horse and rider brooch I'd seen online, and another almost identical, which was nice.

And this odd bird grabbing a... rabbit? -which reminded me a bit of the spoonbill with a frog, at Wells.

the spoonbill and frog at Wells

And the exciting Marlborough Bucket, with some sinuous gee-gees on it, probably Gaulish apparently, and sinister as you like. And photographing them through curved glass meant the photos were rubbish. I may have to go back with the sketchbook. After all, I qualify for entry concessions, as I am now ANCIENT.


  1. Wonderful finds.
    Love your maps... definitely not just for children.
    Arriving at Officially Ancient does have its perks...make the most of them!!

    1. it's as though they're not thought good enough for grownups isn't it? -like with books; some of my favourites are 'children's books'