Monday, 24 October 2011


raven a video by Dru Marland on Flickr.
A bit of wildness passed through the neighbourhood yesterday morning. I was tapping away at the computer and making my way through a big bowl of coffee (Illy espresso, hot milk, squirty cream and a sprinkle of cocoa. It was Sunday morning). I heard a distinctive cronking. Hauling up the sash window, I leaned out just in time to see a raven dive through the back gardens, rolling as it went, then climbing and cronking in an exuberant wide curve over Westbury Park. I scrambled up the ladder to the roof, and watched as it was joined by a second raven, and they beat round in another circuit, putting a flight of finches into a fluster as they went.

Then they were gone, and there was just the pink-tinged cirrus of the late dawn, way high up, and closer overhead the businesslike grey clouds, fresh from Africa and scudding north as fast as the breeze would carry them.


  1. I write for a living and I still dream of creating sentences like that last one....... Big sigh.

  2. You see so much through your window...

  3. Thank you, AJ, that's very kind.

    The joys of living on the top floor, Anji. It kind of makes up for the cold in winter. I tell myself.

  4. Ravens are Magical and breathtaking to watch.
    I see them as I walk on Mynydd Maen and Twmbarlwm and it feels that they are watching over us

  5. The first time I saw a raven tumbling was over the valley below Hafod Fach! The cronking, echoing across the space, seems just right for it, doesn't it? -the ravens seemed oddly out of place here in the suburbs. Like the local jay that imitates a buzzard.