Thursday, 27 October 2011

there ain't no pink in the Union Jack

the Seven Sisters, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

...actually, there ain't no pink in a rainbow, either, come to think of it.

Saw these gloves in B&Q the other day.  Pink glove and blue glove are childhood sweethearts.

They grow up and of course they get married.

...happy ending!

...this was inspired by a link that CN Lester put up, of   Pointlessly Gendered Products                     


  1. What a heartwarming tale - and I'm sure we can look forward to an adorable litter of mittens before too long.

    By the way, I can't get the Pointlessly Gendered Products links to work. Can you perhaps check it?

  2. Thanks for the link Dru; not that I really needed a site to point this nonsense out to me, but now I can stop raving to people and refer them to the site for a bit of education on how ludicrous our societal obsession with the binary can be.

    The stunner you call the Seven Sisters has my full attention. The pot of gold is framed beautifully. I hope you did not have to walk far! :)

    Are those really white pines? We have many gazillion of them here in the wilds of Ontario, and I never tire of their magnificence.

  3. What will we have next... pink Kittens?

    A lot of ads on TV here in France portray women (especially those who do housework) as slightly dotty.

    I must tell Olivier about the male lipsaver, might stop him pinching mine.

  4. Anji, see for cute pink kitten!

  5. Link sorted, Catherine!

    This is just over the road from where I live, Halle. Lucky, aren't I? -these are Scots Pines. There were seven of them, hence the name; they surmount an ancient burial mound. Fine trees, aren't thyey? -they were once numerous, at least in Scotland, where the Caledonian Forest is now down to about 1% of its original size....

    I love the cynicism of the gendered marketing, Anji. I recall someone describing where judges get their tights from (for the legal profession goes in for fancy dress, as we know); the legal costumiers get them from M&S, as you do, then remove any packaging that might suggest that women might be the intended wearers, and flog 'em at a vastly inflated price...

    Thank you, Suzzy. I knew a pink rabbit, once, too; the teenage punks in my flat dyed their pet. Alarming sight it was.

  6. I saw the link Suzzey - I think it's time for a lie down....

    Talking of tights, in the early 70s a friend of mine was married to a rock drummer who always wore black tights on stage. He needed black underpants to wear underneath. My friend and I spent an afternoon trying to hunt some down. We were treated like perverts. Times have changed

  7. Can anyone remember why zips and buttons do up different ways for girlz and boyz? Possibly an early ploy to discourage transvestism that stuck because everyone is still worried about that? Or something to do with handedness, which may have some slight connection with gender. Or maybe, possibly like the marketeers' pink/black-or-blue segmentation trick, it's another way (apart from other motives) of 'celebrating the difference' between male and female and thus in tune with the modern notion of diversity. What would be really cool is if B&Q were to try re-labelling their pink gloves as 'caucasian' and the black ones as 'for people of colour', thus helping us all to celebrate that particular difference too. Party poppers at the ready.