Tuesday, 11 October 2011


It's easy to get bogged down by things, and I have been. Coming out at the other end of it now, fortunately. Here's a flock of starlings I did yesterday. They're going to go into a much bigger picture, thanks to the miracle that is photoshop. But meanwhile, I thought they'd look nice against a sky, so here they are.

This is the sky I borrowed...

...though of course I could have used another sky, like this one:


  1. Love the birds. Where are they headed?

  2. Starling time again....

    It's great that you can just 'borrow the sky'. Perhaps God uses photoshop too.

  3. Am I allowed to say I prefer the blue one? ;)

  4. Starlings rock. They seem to have a more authentic colour when agin the blue, Dru - the fiery background somehow makes them seem grey rather than the glossy black that is so ... starling.

  5. Stunning photo of the sunrise. I dream about mornings like that!

  6. Here in France they seem to be uncountable! They screech like the doors of hell opening on rusty hinges and cover the ground under the trees with a thick carpet of instant manure!

    I prefer the flamingos...

  7. They're on a mission, Iris. Though they could be diving into a reed bed; I've seen them over on the Somerset Levels concluding their evening aerobatics by suddenly dropping into the reeds -whoomph!
    I understand that God uses an Apple, Anji... :-)
    You are allowed, Anne. I do too, actually, now I have stepped back for a bit.
    Agreed, Suzzy, they do seem a bit bleached out in the orange.
    I'm v lucky, GL; I get a grandstand view of the sunrise from my roof.
    Not a fan of starlings, Caroline? I love their flocking. It must be a bit of a bore for the ones at the bottom end of the roosts, what with all that pooing going on.