Friday, 30 September 2011


eric pickles, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

Sometimes, you have one of those 'did I really hear that' moments. One of them came along for me this morning, as I was listening to Radio 4 while cross-hatching some ocean on a drawing. The bit of ocean in question had to be big enough to sink a liner in, so it was taking a fair bit of time and concentration, let me tell you.

"Did I really hear that?" I asked myself. (You can see why you call them 'did I really hear that' moments, can't you?)

I Googled a bit. Yes. Eric Pickles, who is an Important Person in the Conservative Party, really said it:

"It’s a basic right for every English man and woman to be able to put the remnants of their chicken tikka masala in their bin without having to wait a fortnight for it to be collected"

Craaazy, as Speedy Gonzales might well have said.

Here in Bristol, we went over to fortnightly waste collection a few years ago, with a weekly recycling collection, which includes the contents of the compost bin, where, if you were throwing out a chicken tikka masala (the dinner of choice for Conservative MPs), is where it should be found . Which is more than adequate.

It's a bit worrying when a Tory thinks that human rights are about TV dinners. There are surely more important ones to worry about. Like, maybe, equality, work, the right to peaceful protest....

Here's the cross-hatched ocean in question.


  1. Typical of Pickles to omit *children's* rights. Kiddies too should have the right to have the remnants of their chicken nuggets, dinosaur potato shapes, bread crusts and tartrazine dessert collected weekly by council operatives.

    Aside, I doubt whether Eric pickles, reuses or recycles very much himself.

    What's the story behind those fleeing blackbirds?

  2. It is of course a basic human right to have Eric Pickles recycled. I'm sure he could be turned into quite a plausible Talking Arse?

    If that's too expensive in these straightened times, perhaps he could be put in a land fill site along with all the other rubbish?

  3. Eric Pickles doesn't look like a man who leaves any of his chicken tikka massala, does he? He doesn't look like a man who'd bother to put it in the food bin either, mind.

    Everything has become a "human right", sometimes (often!) to the detriment of our sanity. This bin thing, the 80mph thing and the "right" to kill burglars all pander to the whims of some kind of Tory Mondeo Man stereotype and are so trivial I can't help suspecting bad news is being buried elsewhere, though hopefully not in landfill.

  4. Well, one mustn't have piles of smelly rubbish growing outside one's properties must one. I'm worring about the tiny hand I can see sticking out of the rubbish...

    You must have used up an awful lot of concentration on the whole of your picture, let alone the sea.

  5. I do hope your urban foxes see the benefit of any curry recycling chez Marland.

  6. Yeah Jo, great idea. Pickles would make entertaining re-use as a Talking Arse gargoyle or paper weight, so long as he was shrunk down like a crisp packet in the oven, full size would take up just too much space.

    Failing that, he could go into the worm compost along with the chicken tikka - my worms love flesh - the more the better!

    If weekly bin collections are his idea of "human rights" priorities he needs to get out more.

  7. hello- thank you for your comments! -sorry, been away (in my head, at least).