Wednesday, 28 September 2011

chick lite

Spotted at our local ASDA.... are these books really 'womens fiction'? And if not, to what category, extant or otherwise, would you assign them? 'Men's Fiction'?


  1. Well, I know one or two women like that.

    But generally, you're right. Not enough pink.

  2. I would at least assign them to Women's Fiction (but I'm a pedant).

    I'd prefer to consign them to 'file 13' as we used to call it. Under B for bin.

  3. Sweet. I'd call it 'fantasy violence' or perhaps 'gore lore'.

    Shouldn't there be an apostrophe in "women's"?

  4. There should indeed, Suzzy, as Anne *cough cough* pointed out earlier.... the trouble is that the books may possibly (just possibly) be quite good, but I'm never going to check these books, or the pink ones in chick-lit, because my mind switches off the moment I see the cover. An odd effect, presumably not intended by the publisher.
    Actually, there seems to be some ghettoisation going on even within this sub-set. Notice how the Andy McNab books are all 'bloke with a pistol' and the Chris Ryan ones are 'bloke blasting away with a machine gun'. I think that says something

  5. Bang and ra-ta-tat, is all.

    Sorry I didn't register your prior pedantry, Anne. But look, we pedants should wear our pedantry with pride and reclaim that word. It's not wrong to be right, and the sooner people recognise that, the better things will go.