Thursday, 3 December 2009

rad graf

At Katie's school, Ther Kidz thought that it would be nice to have a graffiti wall. And, after due representation and consideration, the school agreed that a graffiti wall they should have.

So they employed a graffiti painter to come to the school and paint the graffiti wall with graffiti.

And here it is.

Katie did run past some of her fellow pupils the idea that maybe a graffiti wall should be a place for free expression. By... Ther Kidz.

"Oh, we'd only make a mess of it," one of them said.


  1. I'd like to bet that some of the pupils could have done something just as good if not better. Perhaps they could 'do' the bit of wall at the side.

  2. They'd only make a mess of it? Is that the reason for the lovely green trash can artistically posed in the middle?

    The whole joy of making a mess of it is that after it dries, you can have another go at getting it right.

  3. I get the impression that the school doesn't want the children to express themselves in That Sort Of Way, Anji. Winning team sports against other schools is more what they have in mind.

    The trash can does set it off rather, doesn't it, Tara?

  4. Yeah... Kinda missing the point, I would have thought..... :-)


  5. So this is the next big thing. Institutional Wall Graffiti. What will they let those kids safely watch being done next?

  6. Methinks Katie is possibly in the wrong generation.Which is probably a compliment.

  7. But graffiti is big business in Bristol, don'tcha know? You can't have just anyone doing it!