Thursday 3 December 2009

finding a rhyme for 'antlers'

Quiet times here, as I recover from last week's surgery. I went to Kings Weston House yesterday. It's a fairly modest stately home, as stately homes go, and it looks out across council estates to the chemical plants of Avonmouth. I was gawping through the window and the woman at the desk inside beckoned me in, so I mustered John Terry, who had come along for the adventure, and we admired the staircase, and then saw this, which I, as a keen amateur ornithologist, recognised instantly as a Giant Irish Deer.

As he's been extinct for about 8000 years, I think it's a bit showy having hunting horns mounted next to him. Apparently he was a Souvenir Of Ireland.


  1. Good to see you are out and about and sense of humour well tuned. LOL.

    Caroline XXX

  2. nice rack! ;)


  3. Nice to know that even people who live in stately homes have their ways of showing off too.

    I love the colours in the top photo, I know it's not a giant muffin - what is it?

  4. Thank you, Caroline! And ...was that something smutty, Helen? Goodness...

    I think the bobble thing used to balance on a block, Anji. We were wondering about it. If the place had been thrown together in a more Romantic stylee, it could have been artfully placed to be suddenly encountered, like Ozymandias but a big bobble instead of vast and trunkless legs. But it wasn't. Funny lot, people in Big Houses.

  5. chandlers?
    handle us?

  6. Bantlers. Conversation between two male deer during their competition for the hart of that cute little doe over there.

  7. Scantlers? -headgear that isn't, you know, anything to shout about. "But size isn't important to me," the cute little doe assures them...

  8. Mantlers? Prosthetic antlers for the buck who has gone bald, so to speak.

    I hope the cute little doe doesn't fall for the cervine equivalent of Neuticles.