Monday, 21 December 2009

squiffy chocolate

I've been decanting the damson vodka, because it's that time of the year. Which has left me with lots and lots of damsons that are pretty well soused in vodka. So I've been making my own alcoholic damson chocolate bars.

First, remove stones from damsons. I use one of those cherry pitting devices, which you can see there to the left of the plate.

Then chop up the damsons.

Meanwhile the chocolate that you put on the stove to melt, using a chocolatier if you have one, will have been melting. Well, duh.

So you pour it onto a tray that's got a piece of greaseproof paper on it.

And then you scatter the damsons over the chocolate.

And then you cover the damsons with more chocolate.

...and, well... that's it really!


  1. How much can you eat before you are over the limit to drive!?

    Caroline XX

  2. Good question. I'll get back to you on that one *munch munch*

  3. My mouth is watering reading that...

    Sounds / looks delicous.

  4. Wow....!!!


    Booze anbd chocolates. My favourites!!


  5. Oooooh!

    I can taste it from here.

    Have you tasted the vodka soaked damsons on their own? We have been served fruit soaked in alcohol alongside the coffee after a meal in some households. Normally by the kind people who make their own terrines, pâtés, jams and apple juice.

  6. Well, I was there while Dru made it - I was visiting and enjoying Dru's hospitality - and I can vouch for the quality and quantity of the ingredients! The damson vodka was very palatable, so much so that I eagerly accepted an invitation to view the freezing night sky from Dru's flat roof, which involved a vertical ladder, a tricky overhang, and a vertigo-inducing panorama. Couldn't have done it in cold blood!


  7. Hi Stace! Yes, everyone who ate some at the solstice gathering said nice things about it, so I think it's another hit!

    I haven't tried them on their own, Anji, as they look so unappetising; the colour has been leached out of them by the alcohol, and they remind me rather of those jars of animals in formaldehyde we had in the school biology lab. It sounds like you have some very civilised friends!

    Hi Lucy! Glad you're still alive. It's cold enough in this flat...

  8. Speaking of chocolatiers, who makes the chocolate you used?
    I'm still hurting from bruises and fractured ribs in a fall in my own house (I assume) New Year's Eve. By then I'd lost count of the mugs of home-made eggnog, sweetened with bananas and rum, I'd drunk. I'm getting around, though, thank God, with an occasional holler, even shoveling snow for the occasional dollar.

  9. Hi Larry; I missed your comment there! I hope your ribs are better.