Thursday, 10 December 2009

Barry comes to live with us

The menagerie at Schloss Marland continues to grow apace. On Monday evening Katie and I rescued

2 Frosty the snowmen
2 Father Christmases
Bungle from Rainbow
That dog off Tweenies
an elephant
Rosie off Rosie and Jim
Some big kitten with huuuge eyes that looks like it's terminally constipated
a unicorn
that fatuous looking hippo off Rainbow
a gibbon
a pony

-they had been bundled into a Clifton skip. Obviously we couldn't leave them there.

The next thing you know, we're hearing from Mal.

I've been a member of RSPST (Royal Society for the Protection of Soft Toys) for years as you know Dru - all those rescued birds and monkeys in my van! Have a problem at present rehoming a life size gorilla called Barry with a slight armpit problem. He's been round at Annie's for a while but she wants him out as there's no room for a Christmas tree with him 'galumphing about'. Could Katie find it in her heart to offer him a warm bed over Christmas?

...well, you can guess what the answer to that was.


  1. Is that Barry in the back of the car?

  2. it is. He is no small griller, isn't he?

  3. ... is Katie getting any sleep? I am concerned. That offer of a warm bed... I know what that looks like - someone ends up on the floor. Furthermore, have YOU got room for the Christmas tree? Or is Barry wearing an angel on his head?
    There are blanks need filling in. I'm jes' sayin'...
    Furrowed of East Sussex.

  4. Ev'ry little griller'd like to be
    The fairy on the Christmas tree
    If Barry were to try, the tree would break;
    It's a case of gibbon take...

    We seem to have settled into a fairly harmonious menage a plusieurs, though going into Katie's room is a bit alarming, with all the toys' eyes fixed on you, as though you were interrupting the big party.

  5. "galumphing about"....and I pictured him grooving to Barry White, Katie in a trance. The photo helps.

  6. He is very galumphy, isn't he? -I think he may be getting some bling for Christmas.