Friday, 3 October 2008

a wing and a prayer

not the aeroplane in question.... a postscript to the Mystery of the Aeroplane on Dundry Hill described a few days ago, my friend Stephie put out a shout on a pilots' forum, and someone came up with the information. So this particular aeroplane did not crash into the sea after all. It is a Rockwell Commander, and was painted with the registration G-BBIE for an appearance in an episode of the BBC's drama series Casualty. Why they chose this particular registration from the de-registered ones available, who knows?

anyway, thank you, Stephie, and all you pilots out in Pruneland who got your fingers out!

Tue Apr 27, 2004 16:17 Post subject: Casualty at Kemble Reply with quote

Seems like we might be having an aviation emergency coming up in TV's Casualty later this year.

A crew spent the day filming at Kemble yesterday. Action was based around a Commander 114 with a slightly altered registration (marked as G-BBIE). There was also a Rescue Helicopter, rather nice old Jaguar (car) and a guy in a kilt !


  1. Another mystery solved. You seem to have some useful contacts.

  2. Presumably they had to use a de-registered number to avoid any unintended confusion with a plane with current registration.

    Given a choice of de-registered numbers, perhaps they went for G-BBIE because if you squint it looks a bit like G-BBC: an aerial equivalent of personalised / novelty number plates.