Wednesday, 15 October 2008

through the square window

This is to illustrate Geraldine's latest piece for the Bristol Review of Books. I am very pleased because I couldn't think of anything for ages and ages, and then I started it this morning and just did it. And now it's done and I can stop worrying about one more thing.

The other thing I can stop worrying about is the car.

After rebuilding the engine, it was still getting too hot, and I decided that having eliminated all the other possibilities, it was time to bite the bullet and change the radiator. So I did. And now the temperature climbs sedately to 80C, then slowly drops down to 70ish as the thermostat opens, and then climbs back up to 80 again, and so it see-saws up and down as we bowl along. Better than the telly, it is.


  1. That is a lovely illustration.

    I've had radiators which sprayed water all over the electrics - twice. One emptied itself in a pub car park - we plugged the hole with chewing gum (very temporary)Up and down temperatures I've not heard of. Does the thermostat need some TLC?

    I always wanted to be a presenter on Playschool.

  2. Thank you, Anji. Sorry; been away from the blog for a couple of days. I think the thermostat is OK; can't think what else to do to it anyway, and as long as the engine is running nicely...