Wednesday, 29 October 2008


The books did indeed arrive yesterday, and are very nice. I'm getting ready for the launch event at Standfords Bookshop. I'm taking a big bottle of my damson vodka along to help things out. The damsons came from the Downs.... the vodka came from Sainsbury's...

I'm really poor about remembering anniversaries, but I was reminded of this date by a chance remark a few days back. So. Today is the second anniversary of my going into Charing Cross Hospital for a major operation. Seems a long time ago now. Well, two years is quite a long time, I suppose. So that figures.


  1. Happy anniversary. I'm not sure what to wish you under the circumstances, it must have been a real 'first day of the rest of your life' moment. Here's to the rest!

    From what I can see they still put amazing pictures on ink bottles. I've only ever tried Cherry Vodka - I didn't realise you could put fruits into it yourself.

    Have a great evening.

  2. A great image of creative mess and neat final output!

    Glad the books arrived - see you later.

  3. Best of luck on Saturday :-)

    Two years eh? Bet it seems like longer? Or does it?

  4. I didn't know you had a model of your morris minor.

    That's sweet!

    I gather things went well at the launch??

  5. Thank you, Anji. I was trying to think of something big to think for the anniversary, but I'm just happy and remember that time fondly.

    Winsor and Newton still have those really nice pics on. And I have strted using Noodlers in my fountain pen; their ink is really good, and the labels are funky.

    Thank you, Caroline. Nice to see you, though briefly. You must tell me your David Appleby story sometime :-)

    Seems an age ago, Jo. I seem to have managed to do a lot in the intervening time, too.

    They did, Charlie. The audience even seemed to like my Powerpoint presentation. There was even laughter. At the right places. Whoooo!

  6. It was great to meet you Dru - I had to run once SF and FF left as there was someone else there that I knew and had really already said all I could manage to say to him...

    I remember David Appleby only slightly from the Pershore Camera Club. I've never lived in Pershore nor particularly close the only reason I was a member was because at the time I was going out with someone else who was too.

  7. Oh and yes your presentation was good and funny too!

  8. I am pleased it went well for you Dru, judging by the comments - I live too far away - however, I shall buy the book - for sentimental reasons - we, that is, her and me, were married in Bristol and lived, well, somewhere: Clifton - Redland?
    Also, happy anniversary!

  9. Thank you, Caroline, and thanks, too, Neil. I hope you like the book!

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