Tuesday, 23 August 2011

cat herding

cat herding, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.
...a joy for life.

This picture's intended for a forthcoming piece about the trans community. I knew what I wanted to draw pretty much straight away, and determinedly didn't Google 'cat herding' before drawing the picture. And was quite happy to find, on Googling it afterwards, that it isn't ground already hugely covered. You never can tell with these things...

On a technical note, I thought that, as it was a quick cartoon, I'd economise by using a sheet of cartridge paper; there's a great pile of it under the bed, that I inherited from Marta when she was tidying up her studio. Normally I'd have used Daler-Rowney's Langton Extra Smooth Watercolour Paper, which works out at about 80p a sheet. Stupid me. The cartridge paper didn't take the watercolour very well, and it took for ever to clean up the scan on Paintshop Pro, as it looked all muddy and grey, before flooding in the sky and the grass. Moral: always use the best materials you can get. *bangs head on wall a few times in hopes that lesson will sink in....*


  1. I do hope at least one of them is a trans cat!

  2. You got there in the end.

    Our children had a teacher that spent all of her time drumming that into parents - but it was more about the difficulty of learning to write neatly with a cheap blotchy biro...

  3. The final result was worth the effort. I love the disdain (or is she looking perplexed?) shown by your dog. :)

    Perhaps the initial results would have been better with a 'cat-scan'? **groan**