Friday, 19 August 2011

going round

Here's a friend of Geraldine's. He's called Drew (no relation), and he's been living in Leigh Woods on the other side of the Gorge from Bristol, for the summer. This picture accompanies Geraldine's description of Drew's experiences, and is for the next issue of the Bristol Review of Books.

And here's another round picture; it's for Andrew Sartain, chef, keeper of Gloucester Old Spots and inveterate forager- constantly off hauling fish out of the sea, hunting down fungus and doing unspeakable things to game animals. You will probably find him at a Farmers Market near you, if you happen to live in the Bristol and Bath area. Try the sausages. They're good.


  1. You've got plenty of interesting work to do. Will the 'badge' be on Andrew Sartain's products?

  2. I do love a good round picture or two, especially loving the Wild Food Larder logo, really sumptuous colours.

  3. I'm not sure, Anji; maybe on the website. Time will tell...
    Thank you, Gretel. I've just been wondering why round pictures seem so not-the-usual-shape for pictures, when eye-wise, round is possibly the more natural shape to have a picture. ....actually, just been Googling about early tourists in search of the Picturesque, and the Claude Mirror...