Monday, 1 August 2011


butterflies, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

Here's a bit of butterfly brightness.

Brimstone, Comma, Marbled White
Common Blue (M), Common Blue (F), Meadow Brown
Holly Blue (M), Holly Blue (F), Peacock
Speckled Wood, Orange Tip (F), Orange Tip (M)
Red Admiral, Small copper (M), Small Tortoiseshell

...the butterflies feature in The Bristol Downs: A Natural History Year. I thought it wold be nice to make a collage of them, so I have. Is this a collage? Oh, you know.


  1. Aha! Thank you.
    I got only 2/12...will try and commit to memory for the next time I'm out and S & I spend more time misidentifying things.

  2. ...and I can't count either. 2/15

  3. It's a nice piece of lepidoptery Dru. So they are all really to be found on the Downs? What riches!

    Just yesterday I was remarking that, round here anyway, despite this season's lushness in so many other ways (for example, a noticeably large number of bumble bees) I haven't seen that many butterflies at all. More's the pity, because they gladden the heart.

  4. Beautiful. I haven't seen many butterflies recently. These make up for it.

  5. A dearth of butterfly action in these parts in recent years, especially since the buddleia expired.

    I was quite thrilled to watch three "cabbage whites" spinning about each other as they flew about the garden, such amazing aerial dexterity. Then they vanish in amongst the vegetation probably to have sex and lay eggs on my plants!

  6. I like the female holly blue. Well, I like all of them really but that's my favourite.

  7. Tchah, Liz! Maybe this should be an app, for identifying on the hoof...
    They are indeed, Suzzy. And (sometimes) more besides.
    Thank you, Anji!
    Come to think of it, Caroline I've not seen a Cabbage white for ages.
    My fave is the male orange tip, Anne; a warm shade of orange, there.

  8. They look fantastic - you have such a telent.