Friday 12 April 2024

St Brynach's Cuckoo

Outside the church of St Brynach, in Nevern, Pembrokeshire, is a fine celtic cross. On the saint's feast day, April 7th, the first cuckoo of the year will be heard calling from the top of the cross.

But we were there the day before, and missed it. So I've drawn it instead.

In the past, we've heard the cuckoos of the Nevern valley calling in the distance, from the Parrog, where we used to go camping at Easter.

But this was my first visit to the church at Nevern.

The churchyard was full of wild garlic and yew trees

Up the hill from the church are these steps, worn smooth into the rock by the feet of pilgrims on their way to St David's.

And back down in the churchyard, here's the bleeding yew.


  1. It is an interesting and beautiful place

    1. yes! Funny that in all the years I've been going to Newport, I'd never gone the short distance to it till now!