Saturday, 23 October 2010


I was snug in my bed this morning, listening to the tawny owls hooting at each other and thinking of the people queuing up to go onto the pier at Weston Super Mare for the official reopening today.

And then I made myself some tea.

This is what I wrote two years or so ago when the pier burned down. Repeated here, and why not?

Though my trips have been quite rare
To Weston Super Mare
Because I think it's drear,
I wouldn't diss a pier.


  1. As one burns down another one re-opens. Oh, the cycle of life ...

    My mother met my father when she had a part time job in a gift shop on the West Pier in Brighton where she was a student.

    So if it wasn't for the pier I wouldn't be here.

    I promenade along Cromer pier to watch people catch crabs.

    Rachel XXX

  2. Two years already. Stay snug!

  3. I love piers. And I love the fact that Southwold built a new one only about a decade ago. Weston was never one of my favourites but I wouldn't have wished arson on it.

  4. I used go swimming in the Atlantic, off of North Carolina's Outer Banks. Then one day I decided to go fishing on the pier at Rodanthe. Someone had lowered a chum bucket down into the water on a rope, and I was horrified to see that the pier was surrounded by ten to fifteen hammerhead sharks! I never went in more than waist deep ever again!

    Melissa XX