Sunday, 17 October 2010

another day begins

Frost underfoot up on the roof this morning; first time this autumn. Two tawny owls calling to each other in the trees across the road. A robin singing. Two contrails intersecting above the oncoming dawn.

Then all the lights went out for a few seconds. And then they came on again, followed by a swelling chorus of outraged house alarms, all across the city, chided by the blackbirds chipping in.


  1. Great photo. The call of the house alarm! A wonderful start to the morning. :)

  2. I bet the ones that were having a lie-in were pleased about that. Since reading the Curious Crow I've been more aware of the separate bird songs around me. There are still too many leaves on the trees to spot many birds, but the rooks have arrived and I saw a red squirrel peeking at me from behind a tree trunk yesterday.

    Not quite cold enough here for frost, but it won't be long

  3. Someone at the power company probably thought it was time to give the whole town a wake up call. How very nice of them.

    Melissa XX