Friday 1 October 2010


It's a pretty cider-y sort of place, Bristol. And James Russell and Richard Jones of Tangent Books have written a really good new book about the stuff. What it is, where it comes from, how to make it, and all sorts of stuff.

The book launch was down at the Arnolfini last night, and I was down there too, trying out the Thatchers cider samples.

That's James up in the top picture, and this is a chap who makes cider on his allotment, but I can't remember his name. Sorry. (edit: that's Dave, James tells me)


  1. But why do you have to be naked to make it?

    Is it compulsory?


  2. In Glastonbury, almost certainly compulsory

  3. Isn't the nakedness what usually happens AFTER you drink it? Or is that just me?

  4. Bristol may be cider-y, but I'm not convinced the Arnolfini bookshop is. Where's the straw? What's with the wineglasses?

    Now this looks more like it.

  5. We made cider in biology at school (fermentation). It never got into the bottles though....

    How were the samples?

  6. Great pics, Dru, and lovely to see you. The chap who makes cider on his allotment is called Mike. No, I don't think he makes it naked...

    You can drink cider out of wine glasses if it's the right kind! I would heartily recommend cider from Olivers or Once Upon a Tree if you want a strong, wine-like cider. It's not all scrumpy in petrol cans these days...

    Severn Cider is great too - making me feel thirsty...


  7. Oh how I wish I liked cider. But I don't. Do you think that's a sign of weak moral fibre? I like most other drinks. I love the smell, but the taste makes me gag. Tea does that to me as well. Such is life.

  8. Now that is the sort of book launch I would have enjoyed, Cider was carelessly left around the house when I was quite young, we thought anything made from apples had to be ok for us, and it was!

    Caroline xxx

  9. I usually fall asleep, Anne. Sometimes (like at Eli's) actually in the pub...

    Nice link, Thomas. Your friends?

    I was drinking Green Goblin, Anji, because it was a new one to me. It was rather nice, but I didn't want to try out any more because I was driving. Damn.

    Thanks for the info, James! Duly edited.

    Definitely lack of moral fibre, Graham. Sorry. It happens. I was started young, I suppose, with Cidona being a fave childhood drink... I used to prefer the taste of cider to the taste of beer; in fact, when I expressed curiousity about beer at an early age, my mother let me taste some and I thought it was completely foul...

    'carelessly left about the house', Caroline? -sounds like a good sort of house!

  10. Orchards in October and November are usually a little chilly for sky-clad cidermaking!

    I couldn't possibly comment on the effect of 7%ABV full-juice real cider on a game of strip-poker though.

    I'll keep an eye out for that book.