Friday 18 June 2010

Gays In Ties

Gay Pride reception at No.10, originally uploaded by The Prime Minister's Office.

Here's an LGBT reception , or, as the PM's Flickr page describes it, a 'Gay Pride' reception,
at 10 Downing Street . It's nice to know that the Prime Minister embraces diversity.

...just the zeitgeist, I guess...


  1. Though...I gather Bernard and Terry Reed (OBE!) from GIRES were there, and they managed to get time with the Dear Leader (and his civil partner from LibDems), to introduce them to the idea of transgender people.

    Amongst the items of news imparted was that 'trans' is not simply another word for 'gay', I understand ;-)

  2. How trendy. What about a 'Trans Pride' reception? I'd be there, if invited. I'm sure I could fit it in after a session with Christella.


  3. Nice to know that they're on the case then, Jo. Kind of reminds me of the business of pill-boxes in England Their England:

    ...As the Fifth Army staff-officer
    said who was detailed to make a report upon their structure, composition, thickness, seating capacity, field of fire, siting, and shell-resistance, and who
    examined what he thought was one of them through a powerful telescope from the roof of the Ch√Ęteau des Trois Tours, behind Brielen, "After all, you can't
    have everything." With which eternal verity upon his
    lips, the staff-officer handed the telescope to one orderly, dictated his report to another, stepped into
    his motor-car and departed on leave.

    Good plan, Lucy. I understand the wood shed has already been booked.

  4. Blokes in suits and all, they look just like MPs to me. Must be coincidence...

  5. I thought of an old boys reunion from a posh school.