Monday 24 May 2010

le weekend

With the weather being so lovely and hot this past weekend, what better way to spend it than enjoying the English countryside, as we were doing here at Warleigh Weir?

Apparently, hanging about in Bristol.

Me: I want to go adventuring. Shall we go backpacking, cycling or canoeing?
Katie (sighing deeply): I want to hang out with my friends...

So that was that.

I noticed that my photo of Warleigh Weir, taken a few years ago and uploaded to my Flickr page, was looked at 8 times on Saturday and 18 times on Sunday, by people who had found it by Googling Warleigh Weir. So I could console myself with the thought that it would be horrid busy there, so it was just as well that we hadn't gone there at least.

Two pictures for a Geraldine story, The Goldfinch's Apprentice. I didn't think the first one was lively enough, so I did the second one.
Warleigh Weir, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.


  1. The Warleigh Weir reminds me of a dam across the James River in Richmond, Va., that I use to fish from, many years ago.

    Melissa XX

  2. It reminds me of crossing the weir at Pershore on a hot day...

    I like both of your paintings - can't you find room for both?

    Teenagers are so uninteresting. They choose to hang around with their friends moaning about having nothing to do.

    Olivier has been 'coming home tomorrow' since last Tuesday...

  3. I had just the same reaction when I suggested adventuring this weekend... Maybe we should leave them to it?

  4. It's good to have a weir in your life, especially when young. Our local river in Wales wasn't particularly inviting, other than to a passing toxicologist.

    I think we'll manage to get both pics in, Anji... yes, Katie is increasingly reminding me of Bretecher's Agrippine. But in english of course.

    You're on, Charlie. Canoeing, then?

  5. Well... not being able to swim might be slightly problematic.

    I was thinking last night that it would be fun to walk from Dead Maids to Sally in the Wood. They should really get to know each other.

  6. I've just been looking up those places, Charlie. Great names! And good walking by the look of it. Right...

  7. That's an awesome photo of the weir and some of the wildlife it supports, or did that hot spring! Both goldfinch pictures too, a good pairing. Now I've begun to use the RSPB website for further definition with sound and sometimes video. Your immature bird resembles our winter bird, but ours (it's Iowa's bird) get yellower and never get the red bars though Amish folk-art preserves the Old World color in stylized form with its "distelfink" ("thistle finch").