Wednesday 5 May 2010

I'm a believer

I'm a believer
Originally uploaded by Dru Marland
It's my new ukulele, and it's more fun than three buckets of fun.


  1. Dru, lay off that damson vodka!! Seriously good interpretation of the Monkees hit, though, and some nifty fingerwork shown on those frets. And the voice of an angel.

    Did you know that I have two guitars in my attic?

    I still remember how to do the C, G and D7 chords.

    Just how hard is it to make a 47 second video? Can anyone do it?


  2. Singing and playing at the same time isn't easy. Brilliant, but I still prefer Davy Jones

  3. Thanks Dru, you've just made me laugh. A lot.

    Mrs. J is a Neil Diamond fan in a big way. Shame I've just packed her off on a bus to the airport, I'm sure she'd have appreciated it too.

  4. It's easy peasy, Lucy; just fire up the webcam and away you go! And you even know the names of the chords? That makes you practically a muso, doesn't it?

    Thank you, Melissa!

    *shh* I think I do too, Anji. But I am pleased with the uke. It's very punk.

    ...and thank you, too, Jenny. Young Katie had a good laugh at it too...

  5. Anarchy in the uke! Well, punk rescued us from some very long guitar and drum soloes, and your voice and uke prove their points in under a minute. Sweet!

  6. I seem to recall a Jeeves and Wooster story where Bertie takes up the ukelele.

    I think the house burned down, in the end.

    It'll all end in tears... I know it.;-)

  7. I've had "I'm a believer" on the brain for 24 hours now...

  8. Thank you, Larry! I well remember that sense empowerment and 'breath of fresh air' when punk came along. Maybe I should do 'Sheena is a punk rocker' next...

    I'm sure you're right, Chrissie, but I guess I'll just ride the wave while it is still waving, or whatever you call it that waves do. Do you think a kazoo would go well with it?

    Earworm, Anji!

  9. Only if the ensemble also includes a swanee whistle.

    I'm in the same state as Anji at the moment. I'm almost desperate enough to break out Aqua's Aquarium, as Barbie girl would be a blessed relief by now.

  10. Brace yourself; it's going to be the Woad Song next :-)

  11. That is quite marvelous - encore!