Saturday, 22 May 2010


Sometimes you do a picture.... hang on. Sometimes, *I* do a picture and there seems to be something Not Quite Right about it. I'm looking at this one and wondering what to do with it. But at least it gives a space from the previous angsty posts.

Up on the roof at quarter to five, drinking tea and watching the airliners heading east, high overhead, suddenly burst into the dawn which would not reach me for another half an hour.

A blackbird landing on the eaves next to me and bursting into song, while keeping a wary eye on me. I keep very still. It plunges off again, down into the garden, to bicker with another blackbird.

Swifts begin swooping around the rooftops.


  1. I'm reading your blog, while listening to Dvořák's 9th. What could be more beautiful?

    You are a treasure, Dru!

    Melissa XX

  2. I love being up early at this time of the year. We drove to Poitiers on Tuesday with the sun rising and the mist, it was beautiful.

    All of the jays I was watching seem to have disappeared, thanks for this one.

  3. Though there are rumoured to be many jays around here, I've only ever seen the one. This afternoon I was sitting on the low wall behind my shop waiting for my lift home when a feral pigeon landed nearby and drew closer to me. There was a small pile of grain which remained from the Early Morning Bird Lady's visit and the pigeon was obviously a mightily hungry bird. I've never thought so before but he was one very sleek and handsome pigeon. They usually fill me with revulsion, do feral town pigeons. A turning of the page.

  4. I just had to check out which Dvorack that was, Melissa. Good stuff for morning listening! Thank you!

    I used to love riding across the country on my motorbike at dawn, Anji; one of my occasional commutes took me across Salisbury Plain and then through Dorset, which, on a summer's morning, is wonderful.

    You're not the only one to note a lack of Jays; I've heard it from someone else too. Maybe they're migrating to the suburbs?

    They can be surprisingly beautiful, can't they, Graham? -this one was percehd in a friend's garden, and the emerald colour in the feathers was almost iridescent, though you can't quite tell from the photo

  5. What a shy but colorful contrast to our flashy, often-seen jays!