Monday 3 May 2010

the fairies at the bottom of the garden

As you know, I've been following the shenanigans over at Aberfatican, that sleepy village nestling in the Cambrian Mountains where, you will remember, Dai Pope ("the only Pope in the village") has been protecting his shepherds from unjust accusations made by some of the sheep.

News now reaches the Marland wigwam about funny goings-on in the neighbouring village of Rhydytory, where Philippa Stroud has built her own little chapel so that she has somewhere to put on her religious trousers and dash around the village with a big stick, chasing out the fairies that live at the bottom of peoples' gardens. It is well-known that you can catch transsexuality (and even, possibly, gayness) from fairies at the bottom of the garden. Apparently she is putting herself up for election to the Rhydytory Parish Council. Upside Down In Cloud is happy to endorse her campaign. You can trust a candidate who chases fairies from the bottom of your garden.


  1. Thought I was the only one who took snaps of corrugated iron buildings!

    Nearly had a small accident reading that one, a gem like cocktail of humour and indignation. I shall pray for you, joking!!!!

    Caroline xxx

  2. I've read about her before - and there I was doing everything I could to encourage them.

  3. The wonder of Flickr is that there are whole groups of people who take photos of tin tabernacles and the like, Caroline... thank you for your prayers. I shall keep them safe from the fairies.

    Me too, Anji. I've put up a Philippa-proof fence, really...

  4. You can catch transsexuality? Quick, someone isolate the pathogen so we can culture it and mount a dawn raid on the Daily Mail printing works, SuperSoakers at the ready!

    Oh, wait. They claim to be able to cure it... damn.

  5. Yes, it's easy to spot a cured transsexual; all brown and smelling of wood smoke

  6. Thanks for putting just the right spin on this story, Dru. Had me humming "The Sheriff of Hong Kong":

    "She never makes a taste mistake
    She's the Sheriff of Hong Kong"

  7. Thank you, Larry, and thank you for the link too!