Friday 21 May 2010

caught in the Sun

Here's the latest picture. Name that bird....

The title is also punning, though it wasn't the Sun but the Daily Star that I mentioned in yesterday's post. I was talking about the Little Britain 'lay-dee' characters and the way that people reference them when talking about trans people, citing an example when I was the one being compared. The other person mentioned in the piece I quoted was upset to see her name, and to have the memory of that time revived. So I have removed her name at least. I'm not particularly upset by Olivia Matthew's shoddy journalism; I'm much more contemptuous of that, really.

(edit: Daily Star article removed as it still has the power to hurt...if not me, then someone else...)

As to bringing up the past again, my feelings are at least mixed. I don't want to be for ever referring to past events; but they seem sometimes to be a useful source of personal testimony, when countering attacks and general stupidity from people talking about trans stuff, by pointing out that those attacks and that stupidity can end up hurting people.

And sometimes, if I don't speak up, then either someone else will claim to speak on my behalf and say things I don't agree with, or there will be silence where there should be something said.

So if I seem to be worrying the carcase of an old song, please bear with me.


  1. Well done! You win this tasty Tarte aux Bouvreuils, and this round of applause!

  2. Yikes --- the tarte sounds, well, unvegetarian, so I'll stick with the round of applause.

  3. damn. It took me ages to find four and twenty of 'em.

  4. Beautiful picture Dru.

    Did you ever read the Trans Media Watch research on the other matter? Check

    There's a link on the home page to download it.

    It officially launches in the next week or two.

  5. Hey Dru,
    Yes, it's tired old nonsense. And whatever many people say, Walliams and Lucas don't really represent some new golden age of comedy.

    Yes it's a bullfinch. A mighty handsome one too.

    But pray tell, Dru, what on Earth is a Tarte aux Bouvreuils? I am intrigued.
    Yours etc etc...

  6. I did read it, Jo. Well done!

    It's bullfinch pie, Graham. A joke (of sorts) which fell rather flat when it turned out that Tim is veggie.

  7. Aha. I knew a merle would be the usual 2dozen bird pie filling. Bouvreuils...yes I like that word. I wonder if bullfinches actually taste like bovril.

  8. What a startling finch! I've never seen one, though I guessed the name was more than mythological.