Thursday, 10 July 2014

ready aye ready

The midges dance in the morning sun and the woodpigeons take two blue floozies, take two...

Sometimes it's nice to have milky coffee for brek. It reminds me of those Italian-run cafes in the South Wales valleys. I yearn for that sort of thing when I see long lists of things like 'skinny lattes' in places that employ 'baristas'. I helped out behind the serving hatch at the Benjmin Perry Boathouse in Bristol Harbour once, at the harbour festival. A dapper chap in smart casual asked me for a 'chino'. 
I went '?'  
'Cappucino!' he said impatiently.
'We just have coffee' I said, and spooned some out from the catering can of Maxwell House.

Camp Coffee has its place too. Heat up a cupful of water with a tablespoon of instant milk, add about 2 teaspoons of coffee essence, and there you go. 

Sitting here eating and wiping the apricot preserve off the G key of this laptop, though, I see that there has been a subtle change. Have a closer look at that bottle of Camp Coffee., here's how it used to look.... cool is that? 

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