Monday 7 July 2014

coffee tin bread

There are all sorts of good reasons to drink Illy coffee, and I wondered if making bread in the tins would be yet another. So I cut the bottom off two tins, then turned them upside down and added bread dough. In this instance, I used about 12oz flour.

When the dough was risen, it filled the tins pretty well right to the top. Then I put second lids on the tops, from my stockpile. And put them in the pressure cooker.

I was just going to steam them without pressure, but accidentally pressurised them. I wonder if the bread will be more airy if it is not cooked under pressure?

Anyway, after 20 mins cooking under pressure, I had two good loaves which slid easily out of the tins. Texture is good, slightly dense and bagel-y or crumpet-y. Or bread-y.

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