Monday, 13 February 2012


 It was the sort of evening for standing on the bank of the Severn watching the sunset and seeing the starlings flock. So we went to New Passage again. The starlings have decided to relocate, though, so we saw a great cloud of them far away towards Aust, wheeling and curling in the air like a spotty lava lamp. A little detachment circled above us a few times before diving into the Leylandii. Starlings of more mature years, tired of all the gallivanting, maybe.

Later on, I was taking House Teenager to the shops. We stopped to get petrol. The chap at the counter was looking quizzically at the car. "That is a large dog in the front of your car?"
I looked across. "Oh.... no, that's a panda."


  1. What happened to the gorilla?

    Excellent headgear for this weather

  2. Barry the griller is sheltering in Katie's room and dreaming of the sun....

    ..yes, good hat, isn't it? -not in my size, sadly!