Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Secret Blackbird

Some more pics for Secret Blackbird, my new collaboration with Geraldine Taylor. I was quite pleased with the pics I have already done, such as the titular blackbird

-but they were lacking a bit in narrative content, as it were. So, here's a few cartoony ones.


  1. Wonderful stuff - as usual [I just love that first one].

  2. I like that last one - have you discovered the birds, or have the birds discovered you?!

  3. For me you are now synonymous with the blue tit. (No, I don't mean as in 'oo er missus').

    When feeding the chickens this morning this first thing I thought of was you when a hungry family of blue tits flew down from the tree. I have been brain-washed!

  4. I like the idea of a bird playing with the duck in the bath - should it have been a little person?

    The top one is my favourite

  5. There were a pair of coal tits outside my back door at the weekend. My first ever sighting. I don't twitch but I find it quite exciting to see bird species for the first time. Say lar vee.

  6. Thanks, everyone! -that's not me in the pic, Phil, but Geraldine. Different specs.
    I thought of making it a little person, Anji, but played it safe in the end.
    Someone once accused me of twitching, Graham. Tchah. Yay for coal tits.