Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Trans Media Watch - a signal boost

A quick shout out for TMW, whose old website address has been hijacked by a cybersquatter, who now appears at the top of a search for Trans Media Watch. If you haven't heard of TMW, follow the link! Jolly useful organisation. Please add a link to their site on your own, to boost their visibility in Google.

Odd behaviour on the part of the cybersquatters; they appear to be advertising a 'search engine optimisation' service. But would you really want to have anything to do with someone who does the equivalent of crapping on your lawn?


  1. Such a great analogy...I've got a spam-suck coming into my blog and creating links in my posts, and what did I do? I clicked on them. Yeah, sort of like when I washed my cell phone...what did I do? First I put the battery that had fallen out back in, then I tried to turn it on three times, then I shook it, then I blow dried the crap out of it, oh just all of the things you're NOT supposed to do, that's usually what I do first and then, then I do research, and find out that I did all of the things I wasn't supposed to do, and that's when the corrective measures kick in, and over correcting ensues.

    So I clicked on them and fueled their delusion that they're gonna get lots of hits on my blog, so they've been coming in daily and leaving more crap on my lawn. The turds.

  2. Hello again! Sorry for the slow respose, been out and about. Eek with thee cellphone; I had a tick in my leg last week and compromised between finding out the proper way to remove it with the urgent need to get it the heck out of my leg... fortunately it all came out with no ill-effects (so far at least...)

    It must be a strange existence, that of a crapper-on-other-people's-lawns. I wonder if that is what they dreamed they'd end up doing, in their childhoods while other children were planning to be explorers and inventors or whatever...

  3. Thanks for the shout out Dru. Yes the loss of our original URL was a total pain, and sadly, avoidable. But the more word gets out about the new one the more it will climb the search engines.