Friday, 22 July 2011

a clerihew for Mr Freud

Lucian Freud
Just deud
His portraits were very unflattering
But if you wanted to buy one your bank account would take a battering.

The picture is Girl with a white dog. I used to have a print of this painting on the bulkhead of my cabin. It was in part an ironic response to my cow-orkers' tendency to plaster their cabins with pornography. Though irony only butters so many parsnips. I like the picture, but it is David Inshaw's Badminton Game that endured in my affections, and on my wall.


  1. That must have cheered you up on a Monday morning.

  2. It was in part an ironic response to the porn that most of my cow orkers had plastered around their cabins.... irony doesn't butter that many parsnips, though. I preferred my David Inshaw print, really. Very 'home thoughts from abroad', David Inshaw....

  3. ..actually, I just edited the post to add those last comments; the original post was a bit on the short side, wasn't it?

  4. Inshaw ha ha. Yes his painting is much more friendly to the eye

  5. The Game of Bamington by Inshaw is one of my very favourite pictures, I keep a postcard of it next to my bedside - woefully neglected British artist, along with the other Ruralists. (Not mad keen on Freud, though he was a great painter).

  6. Yay for Inshaw! The rascals at the Bristol City Museum have taken down the pictures by him, including the lovely 'Our days were a joy and our paths through flowers'... It is also thanks indirectly to him that I treasure a quote from an exhibition catalogue (from his show at the RWA) -"The rucksac is a scrotum of possibilities". Well, yeurk.