Monday 25 July 2011

the colour of summer

I was swimming slowly down the Avon yesterday. As you do. More of that later, when Mal comes up with the photos.

There was plenty of time to admire the trees and plants as I bobbed slowly down the valley. Early spring colours are fresh, bright greens (Emerald and Sap Green, according to the labels on my watercolours, progressing through Intense Green as the months advance). By now, with summer being middle-aged, the greens have tones of browns and reds in and among them. (Viridian Hue, Olive Green, smatterings of Burnt Sienna and Madder Hue).

Which is all a bit arsy-versy. I never really related colours to the names on the charts; more to where they appear in my life. (The hour before a summer's dawn is apparently Indigo, as I gratefully discovered when doing a search for the right colour for the badger's night sky picture, there to the right of my blog, on that button...)

There's something about oak trees which make sitting under them seem like a very good idea, I thought as I looked at Deborah's photos this morning. It reminded me of this oak tree, on a rather warmer day than yesterday.

In the oak's shadow
The sheltering sheep tell the time-
Too hot to go out

shade, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.


  1. There is nothing anywhere in the world that matches England in the summer. Thank you for the pictures.

  2. You've pretty much captured the colour of summer for me. You're at odds with Tesco, however, whose aisle 1 colour codes the commercial seasons thus:

    Spring (gardening tat and stuff) = green

    Easter (eggs and stuff) = yellow and green

    Summer (barbecue tat and stuff) = yellow and blue

    Halloween (endless plastic gothic tat) = orange and black

    Christmas (the works = red and green)

    Footie (balls, flags, booze and stuff) = black white red and blue

    I don't think they sell oak trees, or even acorns, in Tesco, though they do sell sheep in bits.