Friday, 1 July 2011


goaty, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

Another little expedition to see the goats. It was written up nicely by Deborah, here.

We scrambled down the side of the gorge, through Scots pines. Pausing on a promontory overhanging the long drop to the river, and ignoring (as much as poss) the traffic noise, I commented that it reminded me of 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'. Deborah said that a spanish friend had been similarly reminded of her homeland by the smell of pine cones hereabouts. So there.

The goats were lounging around, occasionally nibbling at the grass, and now and then having a bit of a fight. Goat bloke heaven.


  1. What is it with males and their aggressive bloky behaviour even when they are goats?

  2. stunning picture Dru. What beautiful creatures! Theres a big a field opposite to where I work with goats

  3. Lovely goat posts. No nannies to keep them in order?

  4. I see a big future for goats in the environs of Bristol. It is good to see wild things being encouraged back to places humans have tamed and paved. Red kites have wasted no time re-establishing themselves around here. Otters are to be found in erstwhile otterless waters. It would be thrilling to have wolves pacing dangerously around the local woods once more :-)In time, after our time is done, I'm confident they will!

  5. Just doing what goats do, Caroline!

    An urban goat farm, Sy? -or are they being used for landscape management too?

    No nannies, Anji; and these billies are sterilised. Apparently they are regularly thinned out at Great Orme, and these would have been killed if they hadn't been brought here...
    There are deer on the Downs already, Suzzy; a friend saw a big roe galloping along Ladies Mile, a few weeks ago. And of course the foxes and the badgers... but yes, more wildness please!