Monday, 18 July 2011

three more hares

three hares , originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

I went back to this picture because I wondered what it would look like with some colour inked in.

And now we know.

We were walking along the coast at Clevedon yesterday. Here is a wild onion, growing on the limestone grassland above Poets Walk. Andrew Sartain thinks that it's a local variant on the Bristol Onion, and I'm sure he's right.

You can see some distinctive mountains in Wales, from the Clevedon seafront. Here, for instance, is the Skirrid, or Ysgyryd Fawr, a very neat little mountain just north of Abergavenny.


  1. Those primroses look delightful coloured in :-)

  2. That is a lovely variation on this motif!

  3. Thanks, Suzzy; it did turn out well; I was worried about taking coloured ink to the original, but hey, sometimes you just gotta go...

    Thank you, Gretel, and welcome! Love your blog; shall be a regular visitor from now.