Thursday, 9 September 2010


Bristol Poetry Festival is about to kick off. Which reminds me that it's about time I wrote something new. Or at least finished writing someting. There are odd scraps of paper lying around with things that may eventually become poems, and things that changed into something else along the way.

Monday I was at Halo in Bristol for Acoustic Night. It was a quiet evening, though in a good way. And Susan Taylor was passing through on her way down to Devon, and did some poems about sheep which came to life for me. The poems that is. So I did a couple of rural-ish haiku, which you can hear on the clip above, thanks to David Bosankoe who looks after the PA and records everything. The chap doing the MC ing is Julian Ramsay-Wade, who is at least as nice as he sounds. Does this all sound a bit lovey? -hey, it was that sort of an evening, OK?

...I listen to my voice and wince. Practice. Practice.


  1. Haiku has to be the perfect poetry form though the title was not bad.

    Now the rest of the day is going to be spent trying to remember which piece of music had that ridge name in it's title, it feels early 70's ish to me.

    Harsh recordings scrape of all the charm of our voices just leaving the skeleton beneath, nearly a double haiku.

    Caroline xxx

  2. Do you know anyone who likes the sound of their own voice (recorded)
    I enjoyed hearing you read your work

  3. Well written and well read, Dru!