Friday, 17 September 2010

on the transience of beauty, and conkers too

Don't hold on too long to conkers
By next day the sheen is gone.
Just enjoy them while you....(errrrr) con....
Holding on is simply bonkers.

I've been cleaning up some tree images for a booklet thing, and I thought these two looked much improved by the process. Here at the Schloss, we're waiting for the new book to come back from the printers. Exciting times.


  1. The best part of a conker is its shineyness. Ours are small this year, but it doesn't matter as they don't 'do' conkers here.

    I love the pictures

  2. I have no idea how long I have to wait to see conkers on the tree I planted twenty years ago, loads of blossom, on one conker yet.

    Better than conkers is walnuts which are thick on the tree hanging into my street, just have to be first there after a good wind.

    Caroline xxx

  3. During March 2007 I was absolutely astonished to see conkers in New Zealand! This was in Christchurch, in South island, under the horse chestnut trees that lined the banks of the River Avon. I thought this was bizarre.


  4. Love the pictures, their beauty is eternal.
    Our local conkers are falling green already, even before the kids can knock them down. Shame.