Friday, 10 September 2010

Todgers (part 1)

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  1. I'm just listening to R4's "Reunion" programme about the interruption of the 1970 Miss World contest by selfish, rabid wimmin.
    It is vaguely interesting how surprised the organisers are that some people found their competition offensive. Everyone keeps saying "you have to understand - it was 1970..."
    1970. 1970!!
    That's (being a girl I'm not good at maths) but isn't that an awfully long time ago??
    As you would say: Crikey.

  2. All a bit odd, innit?


  3. Hope they don't come here. I listened to the Miss World thing too federay. It was interesting to hear hat there was still friction. Men must have slow brains.

    I can see that I badly educated my daughter, I should have encouraged her to aspire to the barstool beer trick - not

  4. And speaking of Hooters, this post was a hoot! I love your wit, Dru.

    Melissa XX

  5. OMG I was pulled in hook line and sinker well done LOL (yes I Really Did think Todgers was opening a new errrm 'branch' LOL)

  6. Great post, Dru! (Followed you over from Jenny's blog, BTW.)

  7. I was seriously confused at first with this post, because of the photo. Surely, it was a Thunderbirds convention? Aren't those just like the uniforms that Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gorgon and John Tracey used to wear in the mid-1960s Supermarionation TV series?

    One supposes that the yellow diagonal thingy is meant to carry the eye downwards to the oversized member... yes I see now.

    This is such a bizarre idea. Why would this unsavoury gimmick make you want you want to go Todgers? (I'd rather go round the corner to Fanny's anyway, especially if I'd had my op by then - oh, sorry, this degradation of good taste is so infectious. Tsk)

    In any case, I thought the word was 'tadger' not 'todger' (Please, no deep discussion on that!)


  8. Those poor girls in the photo have no hooters at all poor things.

    Caroline xxx

  9. Those poor girls in the photo have no hooters at all poor things.

    Caroline xxx

  10. I was listening to that as well, Federay! -actually, it's interesting that so much of the same silliness expressed by the dinosaurs on that programme is still around. The comments on the Bristol Evening Post website articles about Hooters are full of it. Feminists are feminists because they're ugly, etc etc... -though I guess that 'modern' ideas take a long time to sink down to the mud at the bottom of a pond.

    Very odd, Chrissie. The Council are being disappointingly clueless. Maybe even more stag parties are supposed to be good for the city economy...

    Do you think they would get any trade in France, Anji? I always thought that trash culture like this wouldn't really work there...

    Thank you, Melissa!

    Worrying, Martha. The thought that modern life is so crazy that the satirical can become real. Actually, I was informed by Andy Bee over on Facebook that such a place actually existed; it was called Chippendales. Like, ewww.

    Hi, Nix! Yes, I saw that you were fighting the good fight, as it were...

    The photo is actually unrelated to Todgers, sorry Hooters, Lucy; I just happened to have the picture sitting around in my photostream. In fact, the recruitment team consisted of Hooters girls approaching women in the city centre and asking them to come and work for Hooters. This recruitment method obviously avoids the risk that anyone unsuitably qualified might apply for a job. The story is in one of the links- click on the hyperlink in the photo title...

    Well spotted, Caroline. Maybe they'll be allowed to wash up or something, anyway. I'm sure that simply working, in whatever capacity, for such a prestigious company would be honour enough.

  11. heh, yes, but i eventually realised who i was talking to (CA has been banned from various blogs on various occasions for persistently misgendering people and bullying) and am not going to revisit that comment thread!

  12. Yet another reason not to visit the city centre at night...