Friday, 16 July 2010

Richard's books

I don't know about you, but I can't resist seeing what books someone has on their bookshelves. So here, gentle reader, is your chance to see what Richard's study has got in it. (He was quite keen that the new cricket bat should be in the picture, by the way. You know how it is. It was freshly-oiled, too)


  1. Whoever has been kissing Richard's bat has a rather fetching shade of lipstick...

  2. It all looks a bit meaningful. And there's a whole shelf of sport! (shudder~~~~~~~~~)
    Please tell me there's a comedy section somewhere that you didn't photograph...

  3. I spy Emily Dickinson's complete poems!

  4. I think I'd be embarresed if people saw some of the books on our shelves :)


  5. It was all going so well...and then "Finnegan's wake" I have tried, but failed repeatedly. Still it makes a good doorstop, and anyone who reads both Blake and Mike Brearley cannot be all bad

  6. He only has you in paperback!

    Could make an interesting series, is this all his books and what has he carefully hidden with his oily thing? Bit of a thing for Joyce, is that healthy?

    Caroline xxx

  7. Absolutely, always have to take a peep at the bookshelves. In fairness I can also happily stare at my own for ages. I like the organisation Richard has going on. Some interesting categories.

  8. I vaguely remember another blog of yours which was the contents of your handbag. And wasn't there the contents of your rucksack...?
    But BOOKSHELVES? I feel prudish about bookshelves, I examine other people's surreptitiously in the same way I have a nose at the supermarket purchases of the person in front of me at the cashier.
    I am now examining my conscience and realising I must embrace my inner nosy neighbour - as per your example.

    Am impressed and surprised at all those Arden Shakespeares... perhaps left over from school...

  9. Apparently there's a name for those cricket bat kisses, Paul. I hope that Richard will be able to tell us. Richard?

    There was a book of light verse, AJ. Doesn't that count?

    Well done, Philip. But then you would, wouldn't you?

    You've got me wondering now, Stace.

    I've had two stabs at Ulysses, Claire. I think that was probably enough for me.

    It's not the having the Joyce so much as what you do with it, I imagine, Caroline.

    I spend ages staring at my shelves, NIAB. Usually because I'm wondering where the heck something is. Like this morning when I really really needed my copy of Beachcomber. Damn.

    I like the idea of lists, pictorial or otherwise, as a branch of biography, Federay. As you probably realise. Yes, the Ardens are impressive, aren't they? I still have mine because they're such good books, but never than many. I feel like a bit of a lightweight in comparison.

  10. Nice selection. Strangely, I was thinking of doing an entry on 'what's cluttering up my bedside cabinet.' I still might; it's honestly not plagiarism. Do you know what most impressed me about Richard's bookcase? It's the double stacking. I suffer horribly from double stacked bookshelves, Dru. I need more shelf space! Desperately.