Thursday 22 May 2008


I met up with Richard in the courtyard of the V&A and we drank tea and ate buns and rehearsed our reading; decided that an off-the-page dialogue was feasible, and ran with it.

What a great place the V&A is. The courtyard was like being in Italy, but without the scooters and shouting. And without the heat, brrrrrr. But hey.... And then we wandered around a bit and turned a corner and blow me if it wasn't Trajan's Column. Right next to the tympanum of Santiago de Compostella.

The V&A is now officially my fave museum.

Now then, to business.

So we met up with Charlie and ate pies in a Bloomsbury pie shop, and arrived at Gay's The Word to find it thronging, and extremely welcoming.

The reading and the Q&As went well, and then just about everyone packed into the pub over the road and we all stayed up Very Late Indeed.

There was a really good buzz that evening. Everyone seems so happy about the book, and the new perspective it offers. Richard got a round of applause. They even gave me one, for that little victory over P&O. I valued that more highly than I can express.

It was so nice meeting people I've only previously known as internet presences. And meeting people I didn't know. And meeting a few old friends too. And just for the evening, we all became that nebulous and peripatetic thing, the trans community. It rocked.


  1. If I could have clapped twice as long and twice as loud for your victory over those apes at P&O, I would have done.

    It was lovely to meet...and it was a special evening :-)

    (Though I sensed as Richard walked in his eyes became very...wide...indeed lol! Still he, and you, played a blinder. As they say.)

  2. Sounds like you were very well received. In the photo you look very relaxed though Richard looks a little less so... I hope he had a good time too.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time. And it sounds like a good place to be, too.

  4. Dru, after Jo's glowing recommendation, I want to read your book now!! :-)

    And you're a Bristol girl? That makes 2 of us. I miss our fair city terribly sometimes..

  5. It was a great place to be. And I wish I'd caught Richard's expression when we went in. He was rather more apprehensive than he was letting on, but ended up having a great time too.

    Thanks, Chandira. Yes, Bristol by adoption. I was cycling through one day and thought, "Must live here"...

  6. hello Drusilla,

    it was so good to see you at the meeting. Wish I could have chatted more but I am a bit 'on duty' at those occasions.

    I had thought I was interrupting the flow by making a noise when you mentioned the P&O victory, so glad you heard our appreciation..

    I saw a look of apprehension on Richard's face when I hugged you and turned to him ROFL.. actually I dont hug many men (except TransMen and Italians)

    fantastic night, thank you so much Dru!

    Michael (Translondon, Transgender Outreach)

  7. ...and thank you, Michael. Poor Richard, he was trying very hard...