Wednesday 7 May 2008

little boxes

Just a quick squib... I popped into Borders Bookshop in Bristol, to see if Becoming Drusilla was on the shelves yet. Tried the biography section. Nada.

Tried a search on their computer terminal. An assistant kindly came along and helped me. It turns out that they haven't received their copies yet.

"What section will it be in when you do get it?" I asked.

"Gay and lesbian", he said.

I thanked him and left.

Fair play, I suppose. After all, sexuality does get a mention in the book.

In passing.

In one paragraph.


  1. Got mine from Amazon yesterday - it certainly is a physically beautiful book, which I'm sure will attract the attention of browsers once it hits the shops. Shame they won't file it in various sections ('travel' for instance...)

    I've read the first couple of chapters and skimmed a bit - words like warm, honest, down-to-earth and funny spring to mind (but seem like inadequate cliches)

    Loving the chapter haiku!

  2. Mine hasn't arrived yet... but amazon does now seem to think I'm interested in some very different books from before! Its broken their previous profile of me!

  3. Well you're in Biography in Waterstones in Oxford St :-)

  4. ...I see that it's in Amazon's travel section now, Roy. Good-oh. Keep 'em confused.

    I hesitate to ask, Caroline, though I can perhaps guess. It's a funny business, isn't it?

    Good for Waterstones, Jo!