Friday, 18 November 2016

giraffe safari in Bristol

Into Bristol to pick up this year's new Christmas card design from Minuteman Press in Bedminster, my fave printers. Continuing my animals and constellations theme, this is Vulpecula, or the Little Fox. That's the Alton Barnes White Horse in the background, from which you will deduce, astute reader, that this is Honeystreet on the K&A. 

The card's added to the stock in my Etsy shop...

Driving into Bristol through Bridlington, the traffic was shocking bad and I realised that the Christmas retail thing is already happening. In the lane next to me, stopped in the queue, was a woman in a Citroen Picasso car, with a picture on the side of giraffes and baobabs, and the motto ONE LIFE LIVE IT.

Living the one life
she looks up from her phone, sees
the zebra crossing
Then as we passed TK Maxx she turned off into the retail park.

Minuteman have a nice display of my pictures in the window; some new ones for them, like the English and Welsh Grounds Lightship, and Ann Wood-Kelly flying a Spitfire under the Clifton Suspension Bridge;  chose because they're local to Bristol, and because I like them!

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