Friday 11 November 2016

a special relationship

The morning after Trump's electoral victory in the USA, my social media feeds were full of shock and grief. My response was to cobble together this map. After Brexit, it seems that the two nations are vying with each other to see who can be more daft and racist.

The picture took off rather, and bounced around the internet and started returning from all sorts of odd corners of the world. Obviously it hit a spot. Though you could argue about which way round 'I'm with stupid' should be pointing... Great Britain is a bit small to have its own arrow pointing back...

Remarkable, the power of communications these days. All this started (and indeed continues, as I write this) from a mooring under a hill in a deep wooded valley in Wiltshire. My office looks remarkably like this, or at least it does today:

Because several people said "That map should be on a t-shirt!" I decided to make that option available. So here it is, on Redbubble

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