Thursday, 17 November 2016


Out in the wet Wiltshire wilds, the first muddy cyclist and highly-equipped walker have yet to appear on the towpath. As the owls wind down for the day, I drink my tea and catch up with the internet.

The boat's cabin's even more snug than usual at the mo; it was a long overdue dhobi day yesterday, and even as I filled the twin tub it started to rain. So the rotary dryer, which I lash, as needed, to the tiller, was not an option. I finally got round to installing the pull-out clothes line thing I found in a charity shop. Its about 50 years old, and has a smiling Katie Boyle (I'm pretty sure) on the box, along with a kite mark. 

I rigged it so that if it falls down, the clothes on it won't fall on the stove and set fire to the boat. Well, hopefully not. It's not a good way to go, a boat fire.

And, while the generator was running (sitting out on the afterdeck with an umbrella tied over it), I did a bit of graphic crunching on the big computer. I've been digging around for suitable pictures for the new Redbubble shop.

This is something I did ages ago when I was trying out ides for textiles, inspired by my old shipmate Yolanda, who now runs Shire Slings (go there for all your baby carrying requisites!).

In theory it's quite easy to do a repeating pattern; draw a picture in the middle of the paper, then cut it into four equal rectangles and stick them back together with what had been the four corners meeting in the middle; then finish the picture.

In practice, it did need a fair bit of tweaking in the graphics programme. Still, it's fun even if it does make my head spin a bit.

Entirely unrelated, but thinking about dragonflies on a wet winter morning, I remembered Dragonsfly, a band I saw in Somerset a few years ago, and jolly good too. Here's Maya Preece

Maya Preece

...and the band. Happy days.


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