Monday, 5 November 2012

pictures in Bedminster

Peter Wise of Minuteman Press

After the recent exhibition of my pictures at the Oxfam Bookshop in Cotham, Peter and Lucie Wise of Bristol's Minuteman Press thought that it might be good to do something similar in Bedminster.

So we have.

They've done a terrific job of hanging the pics, and doing great big A1 reproductions of some of my pictures in the window. Which kind of figures, since that's their business, and very good at it they are too!

50% of any sales of my pictures at Minuteman will go to Oxfam.

The prints (limited edition giclee) cost £25 unframed, or £40 framed. Except the little one of the three hares, which will cost you £20 unframed, or £30 framed.

Thank you, Peter and Lucie. And Ryan, for the coffee!


  1. Loving the green Morris Minor

  2. I;m sure it doesn't in real life, but it looks like the Moggy almost matches the shop from a distance.

    Oh and congratulations ... :-)

  3. I have had some postcards and label printed there, they're very good.

  4. kind of makes the picture, don't it, Bella? :-)

    Thanks, Deb!

    Agreed, F; I've decided to give up on Vistaprint, and use local businesses when poss. Cost turns out to be pretty much the same anyway!